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The 2018’s make-up is inspired by the ‘70s. That’s how to look seventies in few easy steps!


  • Let’s focus on the eyes first: luminous skin tone embodiment, without discoloration. Everything must be as natural as possible, leaving no trace of make-up apart on the eyes, obviously; BB-cream, primer and glow powders are the best allies to get this evergreen look that we just love.

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  • If we want to add something to this nude look, colorful eye shadows are allowed too over the eyes.
  • It does not matter whether you like colors or prefer the absolute black, the lips remain fresh and natural anyway.
  • To conclude: Nature is always better, so we suggest to always choose cosmetics that in the same time are skin treatments to let the spring season finds you impeccable even without make up like the amazing Sharon Tate.

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