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The difference is in the details, a button of a cardigan, a foulard made of silk, a garish ring; it’s not possible to look Amazing without paying a special attention to accessories: one of the most important parts of an outfit.

Accessories are the best and easiest way to express aspects of its own personality that we want to share with the world and also they are also the mirror of the own personal taste. For who doesn’t want to seem eccentric it’s much easier to choose a jewel or perhaps a particular hat to add freshness to a simple outfit, than dress high fashion.

Everyone, even the one who doesn’t follow fashion and doesn’t love to choose his/her clothes, looks for ornaments to express his/her peculiar features and that’s why it’s so important to choose wisely.

Sometimes you can go overboard, sometimes not enough; some accessories can become part of your life, like an everyday necklace or a special gift that it is impossible to stop wearing, some of them are only showed on unique occasions. Everyone can become a collector; the stock is wide enough and not always a big amount of money is needed even for the main brands.

The symbolic meanings and interpretations those ornaments can carry on are many and so different. That’s why they had been main object of different historical, anthropological and even sociological studies.

Without entering those different approaches, which could take other dimension than the simple choice between a hat and a jewel, let’s just end saying that this editor appreciates the superfluous and the non-functional.

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