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A new young and innovative group specialized in handcrafting and tradition. Its purpose? Make unique your special event!!  


Here comes a woman worths of a thousands word. She and the collective she created can make each of your celebration something amazing. Old-fashioned inspiration, class and exclusivity are not only the main topics but also the values they share with their works. WELL DONE!

This young woman, Ingrid Fey, was a designer of very special wedding gowns who decided to surround herself with some artists craftsmen inspired by the wonderful world of marriage , like her.

So they set up a full-scale apartment in a little gallery in the 1st arrondissement in Paris ,perfectly decorated as a retro chic place to invite people to enjoy their passions.

A step into the apartment is like travelling through time :

a kind of romantic scene, pretty things in every corner, welcoming faces everywhere and a sound of old Hollywood reworked “à la française“ .

Just like the collection Ingrid presented  , she came from the knitting so her creations are in mesh , no buttons, no zip, no seams. Unique pieces customizable on the principle of the mix and match.

This second collection adds something cozy to the other models, silk and cashmere, so delicate and sophisticated ,let  feel the bride like every one should on her special day…..beautiful and loved.

The main inspiration for Ingrid is the american musical, Rita Hayworth the muse. Every model is named by a character interpreted by the wonderful actress in each of her films.


Talking with l’amoureuse I understood that she’s really passionate, extremely talented and kind in a very authentic way. She really listen to what people has to say, she’s the friend anyone need. Someone perfect to bring women to the best choices and style.

the Photo behind is ©AudreyRutz

This fairy godmother of marriage has perfectly choose the apartment’s “roommates”:


Alice Magnin  jewel designer who cares about environmental impact; she produce unique items in silver, precious stones and gold not rhodium-plating to safeguard genuine shades and the Planet.

Aude Rose flower designer with an incredible bohemian taste. She works with unconventional shades of colors, just a dream.

 Olivia Pellerin , porcelain expert inspired by nature and the sea , she can customize in every detail a perfect marriage table.

Cécile Dupont who create delicate, timeless accessorizes using dried flowers.

Julien Zolli , the filmmaker who can meld human feelings with the beauty of the places.

Audrey Rutz is the eclectic photographer , and Quitterie de Font-Réaulx the Paris-inspired illustrator.

Benoit alias DJ AKO is a vinyl collector and a DJ .He’s perfect if you want someone expert to give to your marriage a great sound .

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