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For our NEW EXCELLENCE agenda we interviewed the young Italian designer Alessandro Trincone, avant-garde, like is new “Agendermi” collection, in the no-gender philosophy.


Who is Alessandro Trincone? Took us a little bit down your path

Hello Exnouvellence Magazine!

I’m Alessandro Trincone, I’m 26 and I was born in Naples, but I studied “fashion and costume science” at “Sapienza” university of Rome. Shortly after my degree I was able to attend a master between the IED Institute and the “Polimoda” Institute in Florence, where I won a scholarship for the “Osaka Bunka fashion college”.

Thanks to those experiences I was able to create my personal collection and win different contest like the Fashionclash Festival 2016, the FashionHall Berlin and the Vfiles Runway 7. One of my best successes it has been the birth of my personal brand in 2017 and the collaboration with the American rapper Young Thug who demanded one of my creations for hi album cover.

What is the genderless, in your personal opinion?

Genderless means express yourself, present yourself in society without flaunting your own personal sexual gender or preferences. An evolution that can be a true step forward to the abandonment of many homosexual prejudices.

What is the philosophy behind your creative process?

Introspection is without doubt the base of every single creation. I start by analyzing my personal emotions, working on myself trying to transform my own experiences, especially the bed ones, in beauty and creation. My job is always alongside my personal growth.

Apart from your life, are there other references?

I’m constantly looking forward so I prefer to take from characters that I had close analyzed or even met in person. Musical scene it is surely one of my favorites choice. (I’ve a crush on pop stars, I would love to see Sia with one of my creations)

What is the future of fashion in ten years?

To be honest, the future of fashion scares me a little. Authenticity is something we’re about to lose because of the excessive use of worthless materials commercialization,as well as the lack of original concepts. I hope for a tendency inversion and to be part of it.

The most important contribution I would like to give is to the people; I wish that anyone who has experienced or maybe is still living suffering circumstances caused by his own being, will be inspired by my work and find courage to challenge the world. Obviously, in this scenario, I’m referring to my personal life.

What are the main obstacles for an up-and-coming designer today?

Difficulties are countless; everybody knows that the fashion world is truly complicated and asks for many credentials starting by the economical ones. Self-financing isn’t easy even without talking about the competition. Being multitasking it’s a must to be noticed, publicity patterns demand a particular attention and often the lights point out to wrong directions.
In this way be innovative become everyday more difficult, creativity alone it’s not enough.

Projects? Dreams?

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I would love to see my brand arise, I dream to work with Dior and… let’s see what else my future reserve.



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