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What is the “Bed Hair Style”? Known also as “out of bed style”, it’s a clever method to have a sexy look strategically “confused”. Here there are some few suggestions to try it and finally say “Oh, I woke up like this today”.

The “bed hair style” is not something that happens out of the blank; it is rather a true life style and must be followed by a rock’n’roll attitude. Nevertheless, to adopt the mood of “who is too cool to brush in the morning”, you have to brush a lot.

This look has so many different interpretations and it is really important to find which one will adapt better in order to avoid the “desperate housewife’s look”.  Being casual and natural are the obviously requirements to feel at ease with a wild hairstyle, to bring with it a rock and sexy effect.

However let us be clear, you can’t just find your adaptation and leave your hair wild! On the contrary, to have a natural impression the hair needs to be healthy and strong. Fuzzy hair is banned, hydration is a key word and don’t forget to check your brush to see if it is made with natural fabrics.

As you leave it against the wind or in a confused chignon (a strategically fake confused chignon), if you’ve never done it, take your time. It can be really strange to see a flat iron addicted with messy hair all of a sudden.

A Brigitte Bardot back-combing or a not-perfect bun can be an easy first step to adopt this look in the most glamourous way.

Here there are some suggestions:

But remember: Everything you’ll choose to do with your hair, the essential is to remain 


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