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Dior couturier du rêve

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The exhibition which takes place at the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris, the biggest and the most important ever set in, is an immersion into the Maison’s universe. A true dream came to life, the dream of Monsieur Dior.


The 3000 m2 of the exhibition are a succession of wonders perfectly arranged to guide the visitor in the universe of the most famous maison ever.

About 350 pieces from 1947, year of the inauguration, to recent days. Art manufactories, vintage photo, canvas and thumbnails emphasize the strong connection between Christian Dior and all forms of art, through which he could elaborate his own esthetic vision.

An enormous task to rebuilt the complex universe of the “couturier”.

Olivier Gabet , director of the “Musée des Arts décoratifs” and Florence Müller, curator of the display had choose to stage an exhibition structured on the discovery of amazing masterpiece side by side to sartorial creations in the most explanatory way.

Dior’s “New Look” of 1947 is the beginning of this beautiful dream, the onset of a couture revolution and of a new female image. With the New Look starts the successful adventure of the Maison, whose magnificience can be already traced in the very first room of the exhibition in all her details.

The renowned Corolla silhouette towers a very high casket that can be seen from every entrance and every pattern, template, jewel, shoes, historical testimonials.

Following the surprises, years pass and move the enchanted visitor through the different artistic directions of the Maison after the premature death of the founder.

In a chronological order: Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan , Gianfranco Ferré , John Galliano, Raf Simons e Mariagrazia Chiuri, first woman in charge today.

Everyone added new peculiarity maintaining the identity of the brand undamaged&nbsp. Therefore, even after all the changes in the fashion industry, the trademark has an undisputed success.

Take care of such an important historical legacy is a duty, keep it in mind is a must to move on in the future of fashion.

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