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Editor’s letter March

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People have the power; used to say Patti Smith.

This month we say “Women have the power!” The power to convert their own life, to support other women that need to feel part of a stronger community, ready to welcome them and their choices. Among them there is the right to play with fashion, fool around fashion and use it as a vehicle of important causes or messages.

The liberty to free self-express it’s the first right that, a smart fashion environment, need to offer. That’s why we will always team up to anyone, with courage and ingenious, is committed to convey this message with his own work.



“Being a woman is not a natural fact, it’s the result of a certain history.

There is no biological or psychological destiny that defines a woman as such.

She’s a product of a history of civilization and for each individual woman, of her personal history.”

-Simone de Beauvoir


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