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The success of the synthetic and ecological furs is a clear sign of an inversion in fashion to accomplish as soon as possible. After all, what is better than imitate the beauty of the animal world without damage? Inspiration from nature without destroying it?

The use of wearing animal leather and furs is long story but, taking away the time were used to surviving, we can start in a relatively recent past at the age of Charlemagne. Symbols of regality, power and richness, rare animals decorated capes, clothes and even crowns, likewise mouse and others less precious furs were materials for the folks. For long time that was the distinction, just until fashion take this custom and transformed it.

It is well known, Luxury and Greed have no inhibitions when it’s time to flaunt their own means; so everything is justified to please the rich bored “Prize Woman”, unaware of the cruelty on those living marvelous creatures.

The fur was originally made to design precious outerwear, but rapidly spread all over the wardrobe, becoming an icon of the fantasy of the couturiers which will use it also for summer collections.

The animalistic symbolism was a clear reference to primitive nature of the human being and connected to reach of the high social status.

So the Woman “play” as a prey enveloped by fox and mink furs; just think about the “Flapper Girls” of the high society of the 20s or after the Hollywood star of the 50s (Hello Marylyn!), models of all the desperate bourgeois housewives which only dream was to receive a fur as gift from the husband.

Here it is the emblematic sign of the sexist, capitalistic and bourgeois’ society.

In fact, also the men started to be fascinated by furs strengthening their relation with the economic boom of those years, as all those animals, hanging from the wives’ closets, were not enough.
In the 70s the fur followed the walk of change and it is declined first in bohemians style and then in the exaggeration of the 80s.

Excess and waste of those years create the first movement for the animal rights.

Today it is possible to wear those same furs in any vintage shop everywhere, addressed to whom can’t resist to the call of the wild, but intends to respect the nature.

We are already in 2018 and we are really good at making synthetic materials which can please proficiently our own desire. Fashion still wants to please the social inequity so there’s no-problem for who wants to use furs in this way, there are so many brand that produce expensive ecological fur (but do yourself a favor… buy it yourself!).

P.S. don’t worry; we are not forgetting who still buys those ridiculous fur collars of unknown species. Even if you are trying to reenact Charlemagne or the Lion King, you are not succeeding and if you’re reading this with your dog next to you, ask him/her if your jacket is a souvenir from someone he/she know (Uops! used to know).

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