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Last Tuesday April 10th opened the first fashion week in Saudi Arabia ; thanks to Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is reforming the Country, the city of Riyadh is hosting the first fashion week runways reserved to women.

Until now Arab Fashion Week is always been set in Dubai, the capital of Luxury and fashion of the Arabic world; but this year also the city of Riyadh will have his space in the fashion system in a version at the moment not allowed to medias and reserved only to a female public.

Supported by some great names of the fashion world as Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli, the two Saudi designer Arwa Al Banawi e Mashael Alrajhi presented their collection gaining compliments from fashion enthusiasts.

The special care towards the arab fashion environment is growing everywhere and could take it, thanks to the latest social reforms changes, to an unprecedented level.

In this ultra-traditional country, women obtained the right to take a driver license last june, to enter in stadiums and influential voices are rising in favor of new women “emancipation” policy.

ExMag hope to have soon readers and collaborations with those women everyday a little more free.

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