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After his launch at the 73rd edition of the “Festival del Cinema di Venezia”, the documentary-film of Francesco Carrozzini has been played in some of the most important Italian cinemas and it’s also on Netflix!! Let’s deep in the incredible editor-in-chief of “Vogue Italia”

That first work of Carrozzini it’s already a success, more of a simply documentary movie about his mother Franca Sozzani, it’s a love letter, an attempt to preserve the time spent together, commemorating the life of an outstanding woman and her mother-son relationship.

“The movie, I did it for me, I didn’t want to regret questions or not knowing her better like it’s happened with my father.  The work is dedicated to both. This is a gift to show her my love and my respect.”

Fanca Sozzani and Francesco Carrozzini
(Franca. Chaos and Creation)

An intimate portrait with an emotionally focus pointed at Franca Sozzani, charismatic woman of multi-facets and of talent and creativity unparalleled.
Chief- editor of Vogue Italia for 28 years, she will be remembered for being one of the main actors of the cultural revolution of fashion, changing forever the way to present and understand a fashion magazine.

Everybody can trace the many achievement of an interesting and incredible career, but with this work we have the enormous possibility to come inside the private of Franca. It seems to spy the intimate conversation hearing a son who wants to know the past of his mother and her stories about the good and the bad side of her life, traced by difficulties but always with free and conscious choices.

Dialogues are intimate, tones are sweet and spontaneous, even hilarious.

Harmoniously scenes registered by Francesco’s grand-dad alternate to the main event of the ascent of Franca at the thrones of fashion rebel editorials’ Queen.

Afterward follow testimonials of who had the opportunity to work and create a personal connection with F.S. like Valentino Garavani, Donatella Versace, Giammetti, Bruce Weber  who had the chance to immortalize her like nobody, and so many others.

It goes on with the recollect of the editions of Vogue more emblematic of F.S.’s  audacity as the Black Issue, complaining the dim use of colored models, the Curvy edition, which gave access to the “plus size” in the fashion world, the edition concerning the trend of the stars to go in Rehab, the one on environmental disaster and the one on domestic abuses.


The true beauty of this incredible homage is expressed by the intrusive camera angles, by the bloopers originally meant to cut, in the transparency of the answers about the marriage and  the “Missed grace of the true love”.
The looks between the two are Heartwarming, as they were aware of the imminent separation.

Franca Sozzani passed away the 22 December of 2016, but only after having the possibility to present the film at the Venice festival with his son.

There wasn’t a more elegant farewell for the most elegant above all…



“Hope for the best future, accept our own imperfection, trust the humanity and most of all nurture the dream, that after all is the only possibility to be free”


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