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Rose water is one of the most ancient beauty secrets and owns so many properties which make it beneficial to anybody; nonetheless we can’t ignore the charm evoked by this product so simple, so natural and so fresh… we could say like a rose.

It can be facial or body skin, but the Rose water is always a beauty panacea. With his soothing and moisturizing properties it is perfect to anybody needs to answer all the demands a bad overexposed skin can have.
It delicately moisturizes the dry skin, it is an amazing anti-bacterial so it suits so well who may have oily skin; it is an optimum anti-age for the eye area and to minimizing pores.


That water is miraculous product prepared from the “queen of flowers” with no parabens, silica or colorants.
The delight you can receive from using it, it’s a pleasure to all the senses; the perfume also have a relaxing effect adding elegance to the beauty routine. From the first time it seems to add something precious to our team of cosmetics that awaits us in the morning: a luxury that anyone can attend because whether you’re buying it or you’re making it at home, the price is always low. Sometimes the glass bottles have a retro style Instagram proof.
Use it like a skin tonic or as a substitute for water to wash face and neck will change your morning mood, guaranteed!

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