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Let’s talk about one of today’s most discussed topic: Genderless style. Just a trend or a true revolution?

We could easily identify the No gender term in fashion as collections of clothes that can be wore by both genders. More we deepens inside it, more complexity we meet; complexity that small conservative groups use to justify sexist and/or homophobic theories.

Defining his own identity by choices free of any links with own gender kind is not that big news; if we search in the past we can trace so many aesthetic ambiguities that “confused” sexes even to the birth of or society causing no troubles at all.
So, why all this noise for a costume phenomenon? Why bother if it is just an aesthetic evolution?
A cause can be connected to the postponing of the gender at the introduction of the individual in the society that could be in evolution; don’t use sexual gender as a divisor between individuals, could mean the abolishment of many annexed discriminations.

Without doubts it would be amazing that this change can represent a step forward in human rights and freedom, meaning no need of a complete radical “aesthetic neutralization”.

After those sociological aspects worthy of a more profound analysis and touched a “querelle” perfect for other locations, let’s expose one of the cleverest aesthetic theories that don’t bother of all those revolutions:

Beauty has no gender.

We can easily link to opinions expressed by revolutionary designers of our time (Alessandro Michele, Hedi Slimane) and affirm that the genderless phenomenon should be watched as an aesthetic interpretation that has no provocation inside, at least not intentionally.

To summarize: seduction is not the ultimate goal of fashion and also the search of the great beauty should not be an instrument of commercial strategies or meaningless polemics.

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