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Instagram rules: selfies with sparklin’ masks are the thriving trend. Glitter is coming back to take the stage but not in our wardrobes like it was in the Glam Rock age. Don’t you believe me? Look again in your beautycase.

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Glam Rock (short for glamourous) was a musical movement that gave to rock’n’roll a more provocative and ephemeral side, not only trough easy soft melodies but also creating a sophisticate, excessive, ambiguous  style and also completely covered in glitter.

Between the 1972 and the 1974 it knew how to shine, but was in the last part of the 60’s that it flourished to run out of fuel before the ‘80s, leaving to those music years a glittered scent nobody forgot.

Paillettes in the hair,in the make-up, lamé jackets, really high satin boots

were some of the main elements of the Glam Rock taking ambiguity, narcissism and eroticism to never accomplished grades, in different ways in London as in New York.

There are many names linked to: Marc Bolan with his London’s look while Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and David Bowie spent their time studding the Big Apple with glitters. Elthon John and Rod Stewart were also influenced by this style.

As so many other trends of the past, the Galm Rock style returned numerous times in the designer collection interpreted by the social transformation of recent years, adapting the glamour to a surely less eccentric nor fascinating scene.

Why talking about this intense, amazing but too short time of fashion/musical history today? To introduce of course the very last trend that prosper so wide in social these days:

Glitter Beauty Mask.

It has been said that all those products are dermatologically flawless, “fun” and perfect for selfies. The Big cosmetics manufacturer are flooding the market to offer the loyal customers of the “ultimate trend at all costs”.Indeed those shining masks are begin to be so expensive that  many people not falling for the “advertising pit of dreams” try to reproduce them at home.

If you wish to use the most “Instagrammed” one or make it  yourself stop a moment to think about the pollution and the waste that those products inevitably will reduce the quality of the water that we waste.
Also, you must consider the very last trend of those sunscreens with the claim to transform you in a genetically modified mermaid. Try to imaging to throw all those toxic substances in seas and then you’ll have the paradox we are triyng to explain.

Wouldn’t be better to caring about yourself with natural cosmetics that not only care about your beauty and wellness, but also the ones of our Planet (that eventually means the same thing) ?

There are better ways to shine and also the Glam Rock isn’t for everyone…

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