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The Subway of New York with Spotify® pays tribute to the great artist David Bowie transforming the Broadway/ Lafayette stop in a live-gallery of photos, an irresistible call to all the fans of the  “White Duke”

  New York never forgets the artists which lived and contributed to keep alive the evergreen myth of the most exciting city in the world. It’s already a bunch of weeks that the Broadway/Lafayette stop of the NYC Subway changed to celebrate one of the most famous Icons ever who  lived inside the metropolitan area: David Bowie.

Giant and small photos, images and quotes or pieces of his known lyrics; a true love declaration sponsored by Spotify, the musical streaming leader platform online. The initiative was taken in conjunction to the beginning of the exhibition dedicated to the artist set up by the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition will be held until  that, just until next July 15th , and shows will expose countless objects owned by the “Glam Rock” legend.

There are already 250.000 printed “Tickets To Mars” available in limited edition!

On the contrary, neither the length nor the spent budget spent by Spotify on setting up the stage has been defined. Nevertheless the Exnouvellence Magazine Staff finds the choice awesome the choice to strengthen the links between local culture and music through some past inspiring icons from the past.

Short Trivia: the “Bowie’s Neighborhood Map” has been made to find the favorites paths and places of the artist who ich spent his last 20 years in New York. Check it out!


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