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The actress Jeanne Moreau passed away in Paris on July 31 and we want to remeber her as the “grande dame“ of the french cinematocraphic movement called Nouvelle Vague and also an unforgettable elegance icon.

– A carrer woman

She started her career at the parisian Comédie Française and then she acted in more than 130 movies with the most important directors in the Parisian “nouvelle vague” and  in Hollywood such as Louis Malle, Truffaut, Bertolucci and Orson Welles.

Jeanne had a natural allure , an unconventional beauty and an elegant attitude. Not the typical frivolous diva, she was a very charismatic and cultured woman, an inspiration to many.

– A woman of culture

Her performance in Truffaut’s masterpiece “Jules et Jim” as Catherine guaranteed her a place in the collective memory.

She appeared in male clothes in one of the main scene of the film where she was so gorgeous. This has to be considered in that historical period, when female actresses showed their femininity in a kind of caricatural way. In that way such act can be recognized as an important moment for the changing role of the women in the show business and not only.

Film-Truffaut-Jules et Jim

– A fashion icon


In life like on the set her personality was always on top of the chlotes, regardless of the kind.

Her friendship with Coco Chanel was the reason why she often wore the brand; she did it in a very classy way like everything she had to wear.

Her absolute freedom, her extraordinary strength and also her engagement made Jeanne Moreau one of the feminine and feminist exemple to present and future generation of free women.


“People worry so much about aging , but you look younger if you don’t worry about it”   J.M

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