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 This new e-shop of eco-ethical fashion is a project with an international background that gathers brands sharing one common objective:



That fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world is sure. The society needs to observe things from a different point of view, not the one of consumerism as a goal in itself.

The project Klow has been devised by Gaetan Gimer and Isma Chanez who, through a platform which gathers eco ethical brands, decided to spread their philosophy of life by orienting the consumer towards smart consumption.

Commitment, simplicity and authenticity are the basic values of the co-founders whose goal is to promote sustainable fashion which could have a minimum impact on the planet. Give people the possibility to really understand what are the consequences of the choices they make and provide them valid alternatives : that is the mission of the community the two founders are building.

All the brands represented in the e-shop have been meticulously chosen and respect the basic requirements on which the project has been built. To achieve this aim, the site puts at customers’ disposal a system of legends that indicates which products are ethical, ecological, vegan, recycled, social, produced in France, UK or in Europe.

Transparency is another essential value, according to the founders of the project, who integrate the concept of style in a wider frame based on a stronger awareness and a longer lifetime of the products which, thereby, immediately provide a superior value.

Moreover, by purchasing on the site, we contribute to Klow’s commitment to sustain charity associations.

Thanks to Klow, protect nature, care about  health effects and keep an eye on the future generations is not so complicated .


Informations easily available to everyone. We can trust them.

Let’s shop!!


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