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The annual benefit event of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is second only to Oscars for richness of red carpet , but this year is probably gone too far on opulence. Sure it’s required when the theme is “ Heavenly bodies: fashion and the Catholic Imagination”; nevertheless we’ve been able to see a sparkling “Star” of sustainability.

Religion always inspired fashion industry and for this year’s exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art decided to deeply show how this controversial interaction produced an impressive quantity of dresses and jewelry. The focus is on the Catholic influence in the most famous designer’s collection, from Chanel to Valentino, Balenciaga and many others.

The” Fashion Institute”, the huge department of the Museum, is going to stage more than 150 pieces including a remarkable part coming  from the Vatican treasure. The church’s main headquarters borrow to the museum wonders that just the Catholic church can afford .

Much like every year, celebrities and designers hit the red carpet representing, with their looks, the theme’s night and  this Saturday May, 05 they were allowed to have fun with it. We saw  in the outcome a weak balance between a ridiculous bad taste and an elegance  with sophisticated hints to the topic.

Stella (Star in Italian) McCartney, participated with a dramatic emerald green gown with large puffball sleeves and it was so gorgeous. The designer for several years on the front row for a lower impact of fashion industry on the environment, has been seen in company of the beautiful Paris Jackson and the pop star Miley Cyrus, both in Stella McCartney creations.  .

With a short and witty declaration, Miley C. said that it’s possible to conciliate luxe and sustainability and she showed it… she really showed IT.

Maybe next year the MET can work on those different topics.

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