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We start our new column destined to our favorites young talents with three identity of fashion made in Basilicata (region in the South of Italy). Armando Capitanio (aka Re Dandy), HOBA demi-couture, brand designed by the sisters Anna e Daniela Iallorenzi in 2015 and  Davide Petilli, heir of one of the most ancient brand of this region.

We had the possibility to meet them during “the BUZZ, night party on the move” that we hope is just the beginning of a long series of collaborations between them.

Aesthete with a big hearth, Armando embodies the essence of his brand to almost perfection; shaped with his personality, his own creation are the ideal choices for a “Modern Dandy” with an eccentric retrò attitude.

The process of creation seems magic because every single piece is born from the transformation of something else. Armando recycles Ties, fabrics, old foulards and so much else to create accessories connected to a real innovation that looks to the local handicrafts, sustainability and local production as its own values.






Is there anything better to satisfy your urge to feel special?



Recently the creative impulse of our elegant designer is directed to the creation of children accessories. The idea of passing to our little ones small family treasure, adding them personality and value, it’s simply brilliant.

What else to say? We are truly amazed by this great talent in fast evolution and we are waiting for his next move.


Passion, enthusiasm and great personality are the feature we love in Re Dandy and we can also recall in the creative duo founder of the HOBA demi- couture brand.

Anna e Daniela Iallorenzi are two sisters that really know something in regards of fashion, innovation and respect to the environment. We start to talk, a moment for pleasantries but then they strike ahead:

“Ours isn’t just a brand, but a true communication project”

HOBA stands for Handcrafted Original Bold Avant-garde, but it is also the name of the largest meteorite that ever made impact to the earth.

A prophetic coincidence for the duo that promises to leave a sign in the evolution of fashion.

Sustainability and transeasonality are fundamental to the HOBA creations. This communication project aims to the cleansing of production and to educate the consumer at making conscious choices without overlook style, elegance, personality and lightness. Vibrant and unique Garment and accessories, an impudent use of colors and printings cleverly combined and unusual material like the moquette used for chic bags too!

Communication, confrontation and enjoyment seem to be everyday activities in Iallorenzi’s house, savoir-faire, attitude and ease are the strength points of the two sister. To keep in mind is also the strong link with the regional backgrounds demonstrated by a complete traceability of the product and of the production process.

Looking the shared connection between those two minds in every step of the creative process, we can absolutely bet that those two sisters will have a very important impact in near future.

Last but not least Davide Petilli, heir of one of the most important melting pot of elegance and sartorial excellence for men in Basilicata.

The History tells that the first Petilli boutique of chemises was opened in 1933 by the grandfather of Davide: Michele Petilli, native of little town in Puglia (Minervino Murge).
In the 1947 the first production laboratory was unveiled. With 120 employees will be for many years the most important factory of the region.

Rapidly the boutique started to grow becoming a multiple brand seller which selection of the most famous Neapolitan Maison and international griffes made its fortune.

What makes worth it the experience to Petilli is the concern about details and professional customer service oriented to accomplish every demand.

The Petilli Man is an excellence lover, an elegant and self-confident character, modern but who doesn’t neglect the principles of a classic evergreen wardrobe.

The ability to be cutting edge saving the tradition is the main motivation why we were attracted by Davide Petilli. In is his choice to renew the selection of capes we can find a perfect balance between past and present, an amazing example of good marketing for an historic entrepreneurial legacy.

We can finally draw a link looking at those three excellences:  sometimes looking back can be helpful in making something new.
There were no Better guests to open this new header; we will continue to follow their paths while we are hunting for other talents to promote.

About that we remind you to contact us to propose your ideas!

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