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Ornement and the Legacy of Colette

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The young designer of the new ecofriendly at 95% label “Ornement” is the 27 years old. Baptiste Renault who, after the Colette universe and a short period in the Berçot Studio, created his own label  to embellish and renew what is already been created.

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The Base-Concept is simple: take unused stock from other brands, also called "dead stock" and prevent their waste while the remaining pieces will be used to adorn and transform selected garments.

 A sustainability that exceeds 95% on the entire production


For the first collection of the label, also called “Vague 01” from the way the founder decided to split his creations, old military uniform in surplus was used, embroidered with silk and even Denim scraps. The garments are unisex and in limited collection (just 300).
Each “vague” will show a personal character so it will impossible to find the perfect connection between them.

A second series signed by Ornement is already in the Parisian first “arrondissment” store of the label called “Democratie” at the “1 Rue de Turbigo, 75001 Paris”.

Other remaining of the creations are available online and, for a few days, in the new concept-store “Nous” opened by others formally employee of the Colette store that was perfectly able to sow his legacy into the future of fashion, in a new completely sustainable dimension.

We can't go more chic than this...

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