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The much desired Sales are finally here and everybody rush to buy everything like everything is essential, rare and special.

It could be useful to stop just a moment before getting into the rush because, if you are already out, you will start to think that you need everything, that your closet is empty or, maybe, that if you don’t come back with your packs and bags you will regret it.

All of this is obviously wrong, so let’s say YES! to changes of look: to challenge new periods of life, to self-renew, to cuddle, but without falling for the commercial maneuvers, too.

Let’s begin our wishlist, pointing on less but more precious items:

  • A great sartorial coat or, if you have already some classics like that, something new for your style that lasts.






  • Even if your use of them is not frequent, it’s still really important to have some tailored blazer because they are the chic and sophisticated answer for every occasion.





    • The it-bag of the season is not necessarily the officially recognized, but needs to be part of our life. It’s not important to have a really expensive one, but choose something of good quality and good design; try not to buy cheap models because everybody knows: the bag is the most important accessory at sight…




  • Sophisticated lingerie because the real style is into the   fundamentals!



  • Shoes, shoes, shoes! (nothing to add here)

To sum up:  don’t fall into the big convenience, choose quality rather than quantity and 


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