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A new editorial project is born, we’ re looking for new point of view about the concept of “modern vintage“, about the way we can update the past celebrating the true icons, getting the originals sources.

Authenticity is kind of a mantra for us and we will always dedicate our search of the “real beauty“ to let us dive into different worlds and/or different times .

For this reason we couldn’t start without a proper tribute to two of our favorite style icons passed away during the last summer :Anita Pallemberg and Jeanne Moreau.

We will suggest inspirations and we will share with you events in a certain way associated to both, like Guy Bourdin’s exibition in Paris.

In this monthly letter you’ll find a kind of “fil rouge“ tracked by the editor, me , to share thoughts and interpretations.

Welcome to all of you, I wish you a great and an exciting September.







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