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Time to say goodbye to Anita Pallemberg, the Rolling Stones’ muse, soul mate of Keith Richards and one of the greatest fashion icon in the glamourous ’70.


She was born in Rome in 1942 and started modelling in Italy first, then in France and NYC where she joined the Andy Warhol’s factory and where she grew up her unconventional personality.


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She decided to seduce the “swinging London” and over there she made the first appearance as actress.

On the whole she made 10 films including: “Barbrella” directed by Vadim, beside Jane Fonda, “One plus one “  by Godard and“Performance” a psychedelic drama with the beginner Mick Jagger. This collaboration will be never forgotten…

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The first contact between Anita and the Rolling Stones was Brian Jones , co-founder of the band and fashion icon in London. She suffered a violent relationship with him for two years but after she began a fantastic 12 years old love story with the guitarist Keith Richards. The most glamourous couple ever was born.

They shared everything : chlotes, haircut, life and also an addiction to heroine, that never truly left Anita.


In spite of their crazy life , they had three children: Marlow, Angela and Tara whose tragic death from pneumonia at the 10th week destroyed the delicate balance of Anita.

She had a very creative soul, her style was impossibly glamour and she completely influenced the aesthetical attitude of the band that wouldn’t be the same without the “6th Rolling Stone“.

As the uncostested muse , she inspired a lot of greatest hits like “ Gimme Shelter“, written after the affair with Mick Jegger during the filming of“ Performance“.

A rock legend herself , she embodied the female spirit of the ’70 in a very beautiful and unique way : sexually free, code breaking , addicted to experimentation.

Rest in peace Star.

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