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The Parisienne what?

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The tale of the “Paris’ girl” as the best woman needs to be stopped.

I’ve been living in Paris for enough time to affirm that the cliché of the “brunette giraffe with perfect lipstick and fringe” is actually rare or in extinction and in most of the cases  she’s not French!

The women who perfectly match with all those stereotypes are often those who acquired them from the imaginary and romantic view of this mythological figure, developed by influencer of the past.

We can start with Jane Birkin, the women who left the most important influence with her own style.
Jane Birkin is English and she became famous in France owing to her long relationship with Serge Gainsbourg.
Extremely simple and casual, she became the flag of the decontracté-chic attitude which is so abused today without any true results.

We take Jane Birkin first because she represents that so mainstream style wich is now in Paris and she’s also a remark of the “foreign” factor of our thesis

There are so many examples of Amazing Parisian women:  actresses, singers etc. plus all of them unknown but owner of the essence and the real elegance translated in all the possible ways in french dictionaries. Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Anna Karina, just to mention a few, who couldn’t be  further away from the “decontracté Chic”.

With this so long list of references and such a great High- fashion environment (mostly from more than 20 years ago), it’s really strange that the “Parisian girl” is throwing herself in a pit of simplicity and sloppiness.

Too much combing, or even just showing isn’t contemplate, make-up, even just not to match the asphalt isn’t possible and last but not least  she choose boring clothes.This is the sad reality we find in the city of the so- called stiletto heels women, with chignon and perfect make-up.

The attitude from who thinks “Yeah, I’m from Paris, I can do what I want!” enchanted everybody and everybody just showed respect justified only by the fame of the city herself.

Where is the class? Does anybody still really dress-up? Where did this effortless style come and why is somebody is making billions on the void?


Obviously a marketing operation concerning all the aspects of fashion, but also cosmetics or books sold like real vademecum to behave like them.

What is sure is that the “American middle women imaginary” idolized the French women as the light myth to follow no matter what.

Honestly, when you come close to the real “Parisian girls”, those of flesh, this imaginary vanishes.

This diffused trend to comply to that false stereotype which excludes most of the population (Paris is a metropolitan city with a big immigration rate, so it’s obviously not true that every girl here is white, straight and really thin),reveals basic inconsistency, insecurity and a lack of personality of the  female class, with a fiction that includes couple relationships.

Don’t you believe me? Well, maybe you will trust them: Exposition lesvilainesparisiennes

At least the imaginary is still perfect, in fact while I’m typing my long fringe is making me nervous and this long coffee is ruining all my lipstick…

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