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Among all women which inspired Yves Saint Laurent she was definitely the special One; after joining the small group of friends of “L’Enfant Prodige”, she will support him in all the most productive years of his life.

They will work together just until the end of his artistic career and the following selling of the brand in 2002. A profound friendship, an elective affinity between two evergreen souls.

Noble, charismatic, free and endowed with a non-chronological beauty, Loulou had bohemian class and style. She embodied the life’s philosophy of the ’70s, ready to change the world and so the fashion, too.

Anglo-French, daughter of the Lord De la Falaise, little Loulou grow up in totally different way from Yves: first in the Sussex where she live in an Institute with his brother, when she is expelled for her behavior, she move to New York to attend the French high school ,before being expelled again for her manners.

The only environment that she finds suitable is the Andy Warhol’s Factory and his small circle of artist/friends of the mother who work for Elsa Schiaparelli. Over there she feels free to expressing and experimenting.

At 18 years old she marries “just for curiosity” a noble Irish man who she will divorce one year later “for boredom”. When she arrives in Paris, even only 20, she is much more uninhibited of the shy Monsieur Saint Laurent recluse on his own creative genius.

The fateful meeting take place in the ’68 during the usual Sunday tea appointment at home of the artist Francesco Sanchez from which Loulou is living. The fellowship is immediate. Her style is like her personality: original, brilliant, nonchalant, exotic and most certainly super-chic.

Nobody dressed like her in Paris. She will inspire the Revolution that Saint Laurent started in the ’69.

But is Marrakech, the place where carefree and sensorial experimentation are the only rules, which will become their refuge. It is there that Yves defend himself from the weight of the High Fashion Industry able to suffocate his genius, from the general disorders of those years and from also himself for how much he could.

Others women which inspired the artist were Betty Catroux ,which Androgynous silhouette represented the “Saint Laurent Woman”, and Talhita Getty who was an hedonistic profile of fleeting style (she will die from overdose in 1971).

But Our Loulou was different among those. She was gifted with creativity and that’s way she took part in the production process: she cared about accessories. She mastered the combinations between hats and jewelry; she had a very whimsical taste that helped to create incredible looks in history.

The kindness, the pure souls, the availability and the optimism of Loulou will be also untouched after the ’80 when the sickness of Yves overshadow the maison until the 2002, year of the farewell of the Genius to the fashion world.

Those two didn’t separate until his death.

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