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Portrait on life, masterpieces and miracles of the English stylist Vivienne Westwood. Irreverent and offbeat creator she is still giving lessons of artistic independence. On his last biographical book of 2016 she even suggest you how to “Get a Life”. So inspiring

The stylist Vivienne Westwood isn’t only who took the punk movement in fashion, she is above all a woman who created a connection between her own ideals and her own creativity, making more than a brand, but a true new philosophy of lifepunk!

Vivienne Westwood was born in 1941 at Tintwistle, England and starts her journey with a little punk shop in London on 1970 with his partner Malcolm McLaren, the future manager of the Sex Pistols.

The shop was in 430 King’s Road and he was named “Let it Rock”; at the begging it was selling mohair pull and shoes for the “Teddy Boy” subculture, but it would change name and style so often following the changing of the street fashion and the birth of the punk rock movement.
In the 1975 the name changed to just “Sex” and pornographic pictures and fetish dresses replaced the old stuff on the shelves; this period lasted less than a year and then it changed again exposing

chains, stretched dresses, leggings and leather skirts sold under the label “Seditionaries- clothes for heroes”.

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In this time VW started to define the punk style more accurately; we can’t talk about real rules (the fundament of the movement was in fact the destruction of them), but we can trace the codes that designed the clothing of the sub-culture born in London.

In the 1980 the stylist began to address better her work, starting to draw collections with more distinctive themes and inspirations.

The first collection that will be taken on runways was “PIRATE” obviously inspired to the universe of buccaneer, and because of that the shop changed name again in “World’s End”, changing also the structure to a galleon!

Following inspirations took part in the vision: the second collection was inspired one the natives Americans and the third is “Witches” dedicated to the fantasy world of sorcery.  That last collection it was also the end of the relationship with Malcolm McLaren and the opening of a second shop: “Nostalgia of Mud”.

The carrier of the designer will advance parallel to musical groups of the punk rock scene in the ‘80s.

The link between fashion and music have never been so creative before the VW’s claim;

When in doubt, exaggerate

Hoop skirts, revisited gorgets, tartan and tulle, really high platform, brooches and rips, all in a perfect but without canons chaos and free of strictly matching rules. In this way VW dignified the sub-cultures and took the street on runways making the street a font of inspiration (the street style was not invented by fashion-bloggers, absolutely not. Ed).

But if all of that is not enough we can’t  shy away to remember the political and social effort that VW continues to pursuing with energy even today; countless are the environmental and animalistic causes supported by the Maison, the fights for the human rights and freedoms, protests or manifestations organized using the brand.

There also numerous unconventional acts we can trace in the biography of the last punk alive. When in 1992, while receiving from the Queen the title of Dame of the Order of the British Empire, she turned her skirt in a way that anyone could see the absence of lingerie. In 1989 she worn on the cover of Tatler Magazine a suit originally addressed to the Premier Margaret Thatcher as act of protest toward her.

The most recent action of Super Vivienne it was on the last London fashion week fall/winter 2018/2019 this year. The show has been accompanied by the protest against the Fracking practice, an extraction procedure really dangerous for environment.

All the life of Vivienne Westwood can be summarized as a great protest, a courageous affirmation of principles, an example of generosity and availability; all those noble causes are guided by VW with unmistakable style, an exceptional personality often against the latest changes in society and even fashion system.


Until Vivienne exists there is a meaning when we say: “Punk is not Dead”

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