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If you are in Paris don’t miss the opportunity to see Yves Saint Laurent Maison’s Museum, located in the 5th Avenue Marceau, at the 16th arrondissement, headquarter of the famous Maison from 1974 to 2002 and then “Pierre Bergè establishment” just until the inauguration of the museum.

It is a great honor to be able to see this space addressed to preserving the legacy of the Maison founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé; conceiving its secrets, understanding the backstage and the peculiar private facts.

The welcome is given by the big room where took place the fashion shows (until the ’76) and where the clients where met. Over there the iconic models of the legacy’s maison from 1964 are displayed: the smoking, the Mondrian vest, the Sahariana and others Haute Couture’s models.

Then there is the “creation studio” of Monsieur Saint Laurent showed exactly like when was the Couturier to spend his days by it; it feels like to being intrusive resting there to look at the sketches, the texture samples, the crayons, and the buttons in the boxes.

It’s really amazing the short film of the couple’s moments synchronized with those of the Maison, voiced by Pierre Bergè. After that, little pieces of a long interview of himself in the ’70s where we can see a young and carefree Saint Laurent.

Apart from this interview, there are some video-interviews of the most intimate employees which tell the routine of the atelier explaining the daily organization.

Last but not least, in this precious universe, his precious voice: the farewell to fashion world full of his usual elegance, a farewell to his “lost paradise.

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